Thursday, August 14, 2008

Sleepless? Who me?

(yawn.) Molly is sick. She came home from the babysitter with a runny nose. Okay, no problem there, right? Before bed I gave her a bath and some cold med the Dr. had given us last time she was sick, and "sucked" her nose. I head into the bed at 10:20 and hear her snoring. Fast-forward to 11:15 and she's coughing and wheezing and crying all at the same time. Damn it! Out comes the nebulizer and she gets a treatment. Then we lay on the couch, sort of. The steroids make her very active. So now she doesn't feel good but she doesn't want to be held. Around 3 am I put her in her bed (awake) and headed towards mine. She seems better this morning but I gave her another treatment just in case.

Instead of heading in to work I went to the funeral service for the father of a co-worker. I'm embarassed to say (but you know I'm gonna say it anyway) that I managed to maneuver myself around the room to where I never actually had a view of the body. Someone was always in between. Once I caught a glimpse of a hand, readjusted my position, and all was well. Childish? Yes, but that's how I roll.

Now, I'm at the office, my boss just threw a shitload of stuff at me, of which I know nothing, because both of the attorneys are out and I'm gonna have to cover. What? I'm not even a paralegal, I'm just a legal assistant! Cover for the attorneys?! Holy Crap!

CAT NEWS: I think we're going to change their names to Jake and Elwood. No one but me can remember their names. And this morning BB told me "They're stupid names, Mom." Well said, BB, well said. I think we've pretty much gotten the one (formerly known as Col. Brandon, not sure what he's presently known as) who sleeps in the litter box to stop, for the most part. And I have to give my hunny a shout out - he's really been so good with them, bathing them and doing litter box stuff and giving them treats - Love you baby!!!

SCHOOL NEWS: Ian's first day is tomorrow. Poor Ian, the good times are over. I can't believe he's a sophmore - wow, time sure does fly. BB starts Tuesday. H2 has generously offered to hang out with her tomorrow while Ian is at school - thanks H2!! We took out a 2nd mortgage to finance uniforms, school supplies, and book fees (well, it felt like we did), but I'm sure the children are very appreciative. (snort, laugh). I am so excited that BB will receive the sacraments of Reconciliation and First Communion this year!


Hannah said...

Shit, you are smarter than 1/2 the attorneys in the firm so you know you got dis under control!!

H2 being nice? Must want something. hehe

Hope tonight is better for you!

pops said...

What is this, "Dump On H2" Week???

Louisiana Rose said...

I like Jake and Elwood. Is it Mr. Jake Darcy and Col. Elwood Brandon??

Anonymous said...

What happened to naming them Schlitz and Giggles????