Thursday, July 3, 2008


Ihave to get this off my chest:

I hate Rhianna. I don't know why, I just do. And she's got, like, 6 songs in rotation on the radio right now. It's driving me nuts! I think it all started with the song Unfaithful - it's stupid. She says she's killing her boyfriend by cheating on him and she doesn't want to be a murderer. Then stop cheating on your boyfriend or break up with him. It's not that hard, bitch. Then came Umbrella. Or should I say Um-ba-rella. Ella. Ella. Ella. Ey. Ey. Ey. I just can't seem to forgive her for those two songs. The rest of her songs are okay, I guess, but they have the stench of her first two more annoying songs that just won't wash off. But here's the thing - as much as the mere thought of her makes me feel "oogie", when one of her songs comes on the radio I find myself singing along! Then I'm annoyed with her AND me!!! I think I may need therapy to sort this one out. Can I charge that to her record label?


Hannah said...





Patti said...

Um, that would be Diet Coke, thank you very much!