Friday, June 6, 2008

Sweet Relief.

Well, after a week of nail biting, Ian's grades came in today. It was kind of mostly good news, with a pinch of "ouch". He did not fail Honors Geometry, ended up with a 4th quarter C, in fact, but did tank his Honors Science exam and ended up with a D for the 4th quarter (had a C going into the exam). BUT, he raised Honors English to a B and Computer to an A, so I was pleased in that respect. As for his Year-End Final Average grades, he ended up with Three A's, Two B's, and Two C's, which, because 4 of them are honors classes put him on the Alpha Honor Roll for the year. Hallelujah! Thank you all for your prayers and concern. Since he will be going into regular classes next year I am hoping for less nail-biting and more high-fives!

And, to you, Ian (because I know you occasionally cruise by), I am proud of you. A bit frustrated, yes, but in the end you stepped up to the plate and handled your business. Congratulations on making the Alpha Honor Roll!


H1 said...

Nice job! Way to go Ian. And good parenting on your part P and J!

Hannah said...

I never had any doubts ... Ian has and always will ROCK!