Monday, June 2, 2008

(mostly) BB's quotes of the days

Well, I guess I should start off with "Man Boobs". BB suggested I blog about them. What? Yeah, that's what I said too. Then, when Ian said he didn't want to see man boobs, she suggested "man boob-crack". Oh. My. God. WTF? I don't wanna know.


We're in the car and Molly's getting fussy. BB and I start singing "Old MacDonald" and do about 10 different animals. We end the song, and BB yells "THANK YOU SAN FRANCISCO, AND GOOD NIGHT!!!" Hahahaha! Totally unexpected and really funny!


BB is reading a book and asks, "What does D-U-N-C-E spell?" J and I say "dunce", while Ian blurts out "doonce". (Cue sound of a record scratching.) What? "Oh, yeah, doonce (spelled like it sounds, not the actual spelling). My friends pronounce it that way too." So BB says "what does dunce mean?" and we answer someone who's not very smart. "Well, what does doonce mean?" and we answer at the same time, "your brother".


I thought this was intersting: We had dinner at a friend's house last night. They have a child the same age as BB, we'll call him C. They are also Catholic but he goes to public school. Last night, they came running up and BB asks "Did God make C?" We answer "Of course, God made us all", to which she replies, "C says YOU and his dad made him". "Well...", and we sent them out to the Dads to let THEM answer that question!


pops said...

Oh for those good old days when you could just say, "Go ask Aunt Hannah!!"

Hannah said...

I have to say that I miss those days too. If I can't make someone in the fam blush once a week, I'm not doing my job!!

Too hilarious, those kids are fawesome!