Thursday, May 29, 2008

Who is this Karma you speak of, and why are you calling her a bitch?

The world had two horrible natural disasters this month - the Cyclone Nargis tragedy in Myanmar followed by China's earthquake just 12 days later. Thousands of lives lost in both tragedies. And what does Sharon Stone do? She blames the earthquake on karma. As payback for the crimes of the Chinese government. What a stupid bitch! (I'm not going to link it - just google Sharon Stone karma) Now, I think you know me well enough to know that I am certainly no lover of Communism, or any government that oppresses it's people. BUT, to characterize this tragedy as payback? Oh. My. God.

What her comment did was propel me into an immediate flashback of Hurricane Katrina. So many people said it was karma. Retribution for gays, crooked politicians, "ethnic cleansing". It was none of those things. It was a natural disaster exacerbated to the nth power by the failure of the federal levee system. We did not "deserve" Katrina. Like rape victims, we were not "asking for it".

Which brings me to the recent tornadoes in the midwest. They come every year, and without much warning bring death and destruction. BUT, I do not hear any outcries asking "why do they rebuild? It's just going to happen again. Why don't they just move?" Nor do I hear those questions asked after the yearly fires in California.

I don't understand what's so special about New Orleans that the general consensus is that we do not deserve to be here. You can't tell me the tornado and fire victims are not filing insurance claims (just like we did) and their politicians are not asking for federal disaster funds (just like we did). So why is it okay for them to ask for help but not us?

Are we still here rebuilding almost 3 years later? Yes. But we are rebuilding a whole city. Not just a neighborhood. A. Whole. City. And, for the most part, we are doing it DESPITE our government's "best efforts".

The next time I hear some idiot blaming a disaster on "karma", I'm going to bust up a can of "karmic whoop ass"! Then maybe they'll get it.


Hannah said...

No more coffee for you!

But you couldn't be more right on, I agree with you 100%.

H1 said...

That was the same attitude a guy I use to work with here in Houston had about New Orleans. I shut him up by informing him Galveston is one of the most haunted cities in the world, due to a massive amount of deaths during a hurricane in 1900 that killed approximately half of the residents. But they are not "idiots" for rebuilding.

Story here

He no longer works here though. Do you think Karma got him fired?


I agree with you 100% my dear. What I don't agree with, nor understand, is why so many people in our city feel that the goverment owes them a free ride after the disaster. Watching the news last night with some jackass saying that fema is not helping him because they are paying for somewhere for him to live, "but won't give me the $900 in gas money to get there" pisses me off. We pay for that asshole to live for free as tax payers and he can't scrape up money to drive there and live for free! Which implies that he still has a car to drive! Thats what is pissing off most of the nation about people in New Orleans. It gives the hard working bunch that are fixing up there homes, working back breaking hours, to fix this broken dirty bitch we call New Orleans. Fuck him and his free ride!!!


I guess I need a beer or something!!!