Monday, April 14, 2008

Let the Festivals Begin!

This weekend started off on a questionable note. I've been battling allergies for over a week and Molly started with a runny nose and fever on Wednesday, and by Friday I decided she needed a doctor visit. So I took the day off as I was also feeling poorly, and we visited her pediatrician, who said she has a virus and slight croup. (Croup! Is this the 1940s? Should I be saving War Bonds and food ration stamps? Jeez - who gets croup in this day and age?) But as of today she is doing better. Still got a runny nose, but really, how else can I honestly call her my "snot-nosed kid"? Friday ended on a good note as J brought home crawfish and we pigged out in the backyard. I really like eating out there - it's peaceful and relaxing.

Saturday we did our chores, Ian got to have lunch with the grandparents andn I took BB and Molly shopping for baby clothes. Got some cute stuff, then home to go to Church. Since we moved 5 years ago, we now live in a new Church Parish (SAS). However, we have still been going to HNM, our old Parish. J and I were married there, all of our children were baptised there, Ian made his 1st Communion there. BUT, now that BB is at SAS school, we have to be parishoners at that Church. So I decided we are going to start attending weekly Mass at SAS and only go to HNM when DeaconDad is preaching. As a plus, SAS has a cry room (HNM does not). Or so I thought. Mass started out okay, but about 15-20 minutes in I took Molly back to the cry room. She was kind of loud (let's face it, lots of adults find Church boring, babies find it unbearable!), but I figured no one could hear us so she's okay. Except that the lady in the last row kept turning around. And there was only one other person in the room besides us. One lady with no kids, which I thought was odd. And obviously Molly was disturbing her as well. So I ended up outside. Again. As I do every Sunday that I attempt Church. I remember going through this with the other kids, I know it's a stage, but I wish they'd just sleep through Church or something. Anyhoo...Mom told me later she could hear Molly too - the cry room is NOT soundproofed.

Sunday dawned bright and beautiful. We had a lazy morning, then decided to head over to the French Quarter Festival. We drove over, but could not find parking anywhere. At all. So, we ended up calling one of J's guys to drop us off and pick us up when we were done. That was great! The FQF was fun but really, really, really crowded. We never sat in one place to listen to music but walked around and heard snippets here and there. The kids had a good time, we discovered a "bistro" we had never been to before and will surely go to again, and all in all had a great time. We're all a bit sunburned and that's okay by me!

Great family weekend!!!


Hannah said...

Sounds like ya'll had tons of fun! Wahh for us that we couldn't be there!

H1 said...

I miss French Quarter Fest. Good food, good music, good times!