Tuesday, April 15, 2008

8 Again

I’m feeling listy (list-y? listee? listified?)

Here’s a list of my favorite actors in no particular order:

1.Johnny Depp – who’s list is he NOT on, I mean really?
2.Alan Rickman – it’s the voice. THE VOICE. Plus, he’s a great Snape.
3.Christopher Walken – I can’t explain it. I just like him.
4.Kevin Spacey – LOVED him in The Usual Suspects. I don’t necessarily like all the movies he’s done, but he sure can act.
5.Alec Baldwin – I’ve enjoyed some of his movies, but honestly 30 Rock cemented his place on this list
6.Nicholas Cage – he’s quirky, I think. Loved him in National Treasure, and, of course, Valley Girl.
7.Stanley Tucci – usually a supporting character, great underappreciated actor.
8.John Cusack - successfully transitioned from teen flicks to more mature films. As an added bonus, often his sister Joan (see below) will be in the film!

And top actresses (again, in no particular order):L

1.Toni Colette – I can’t help loving her. I first noticed her in Muriel’s Wedding and she had me at ABBA.
2.Drew Barrymore – riches to rags back to riches story. Plus she’s so cute what’s not to love?
3.Liv Tyler – probably (in my opinion) one of the most beautiful faces on the planet.
4.Kate Winslet – very believable actress. I won’t hold Titanic against her (DO NOT insert penis joke here)
5.Sandra Bullock – no explanation, I just love her!
6.Joan Cusack – as mentioned above (#8). Something special about her, not your typical Hollywood starlet.
7.Julia Roberts – can’t help it, that smile!!!
8.Julianne Moore – she’s got that “something”, she’s timeless.

Honorable Mentions:

Tina Fey – hasn’t done enough big screen stuff, but I’m expecting to see much more from her!
James McAvoy – again, not much out yet, expecting great stuff from him too!
Ian McKellen – my favorite movie line ever (from LOTR): “YOU. SHALL. NOT. PASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

And Actors/Actresses I’ll avoid at any cost (and I refuse to link):
1.Vin Diesel – Ugh.
2.Antonio Banderas – okay, he was good in Shrek.
3.Sylvester Stallone – what’s the attraction? He was Rocky, so what?
4.Russell Crowe – seems like a pompous ass.
5.Leonardo DiCaprio – don’t know why, just ick.
6.Jennifer Lopez – who told her she’s an actress?
7.Lindsey Lohan – no explanation needed.
8.don’t have a #8, sorry.

Who did I miss? And why?

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Hannah said...

Yep, yep and yep. I also love Willem Dafoe. Love him!!