Sunday, March 9, 2008

I had crawfish and you didn't.

Let's start with a feature I haven't done in a while: BB's Quote of the Day. We were in the car yesterday, and Ian was complaining about Maynard's fleas. He didn't want to brush him b/c he didn't want to get fleas. I told him he doesn't have to HUG him, just brush him, but he wasn't convinced. Finally, BB pipes up from the back seat "Ugh, just be a man already!" I laughed so hard I almost drove off the road.

Poor little Molly is doing much better. Now she just has a runny nose. It's pretty gross, but we'll get over it. Her cheeks are really rosy (the steroids I guess?) so she looks very cute - blonde, pale, and rosy cheeks. But her appetite - Oh my God!!! This kid is eating everything in her path. We went to a baby shower today and she tried to eat the fake fruit - twice! She ate two bowls of gumbo, two tuna fish sandwich quarters, a handful of grapes, pineapple, orange slices, crackers, and when my attention was directed at BB for a moment, Molly grabbed a chunk of heavenly hash off the buffet!!! Lastly, she had an apple. She clutched this apple to her chest and wouldn't let it go. She'd take a bite and then hold it while she was playing. She held it all the way home and I finally got it away when I changed her diaper.

The crawfish boil Friday night was AWESOME!!!! The weather turned out cold and wet, so the men boiled outside and we ate inside. It was perfect - not too spicy (except the mushrooms - youch!). The corn burned my mouth but not so much I wasn't willing to eat it! And S&D brought this olive bread that was to die for! DtM came and KenEllie came and I think they got their fill. BB and S&D's youngest played all night. I think a nice time was had by all.

J is gone, so of course the natural course of things is for the washing machine to break. I'm hoping to get it fixed Tuesday when I take the day off due to the babysitter going to a funeral. Keep your fingers crossed the plumber is available Tuesday!!

*Special thanks to KenEllie for coming to pick up Ian to sleep at ChiaPop/Mom's house tonight so that I don't have to get up early to drive him to his ride to school. (I know, I know, run on sentence!) You rock!!!



I guess we need to get some weights for Molly, since she's on steroids. She can help you open jars when I'm out of town. I love you my dear and can't wait to get home!!!

Hannah said...

Wah!!! I like crawfish too!