Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Grandma got run over by a King Float....

Well, it's that time again. Time to hunker down and plan our Mardi Gras Parade Schedule. This year it is so early that I'm sure most of these parades are gonna be cold - hopefully they'll at least be dry!!! So get out your rolling coolers, parade chairs, and ladders, 'cause here's what I'm planning (with a little help from Arthur Hardy):

Friday, Jan. 25 - Cleopatra (West Bank) @ 6:30pm
Not sure if I'll do any other parades that weekend, probably not.

Wednesday, Jan. 30 - Druids @6:30 (maybe)

Thursday, Jan. 31 - Babylon @ 5:45, Chaos @ 6:30, then my favorite: Muses @ 7:30 (it's gonna be a late night!!!)

Friday, Feb. 1 - Hermes @ 6:00, followed by Le Krewe D'Etat (always good for satire) @ 6:30 and Morpheus @ 7:45

Saturday, Feb. 2 - Iris @ 11:00 and Tucks @ noon (yes, I always skip Endymion, and yes, I know that I could be tarred and feathered for saying that)

Sunday, Feb. 3 - Okeanos @ 11:00, followed by Thoth @ 11:30, then Bacchus @ 5:15

Monday, Feb. 4 - Proteus @ 5:15 followed by Orpheus @6:00

Tuesday, Feb. 5 is Mardi Gras!!!!!!! Now, I take this day to recover from all the parading I've done up until then, but if you do go to the quarter - I wanna see pictures!!!

Hmmmm...that doesn't leave much time to plan a Lenten resolution!!

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