Monday, December 10, 2007

Highs and Lows

Today was a very good day and a kinda bad day, neatly rolled into one package with a big fat bow. Work was great. Got my raise for next year (first real raise in many years) and a nice bonus as well. Happy as a clam. Lovin' my life.

Then, on my way home, I get a call from mom, who had picked up BB to take her to dance class. There's a "slight" problem. Upon arriving at our house, what do they encounter but our Christmas tree - lying across the kitchen floor, blocking the back door, surrounded by water, glass, and "bubble-light goo". BB was traumatized, crying that she could not find her ornament "Snowball" that KenEllie gave her last month (we did eventually find it and it's fine). Yes, in my infinite wisdom, I loaded the tree a bit top-heavy to keep the ornaments away from Molly's curious hands. So all those Rosetree ornaments we've been collecting over the years - 3 left. My ridiculously overpriced ornament I got in Upstate New York in 2003, gone. A few of the kids' Hallmark ornaments have gone to their eternal rest in the trash can. J did a great job of cleaning up everything before we got back from dance class, so I think BB will survive. Hopefully she'll only need a year or two of intensive therapy.

Congrats to Kenny on his new job. Now he'll be 2 blocks from where I work and won't have an excuse not to have an occasional lunch with me!!!

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Hannah said...

Because you don't have enough to stress out about right??