Sunday, December 23, 2007

All the good stuff, rolled into one weekend!

Wow, what a weekend! Where should I start? Oh yeah, Friday afternoon would be good. My boss let us leave 2 hours early! Awesome! J and I did up some last-minute shopping and then went out to dinner with the kids and Mom (Chiapop wasn't feeling well). After dinner we drove around our part of town looking at Christmas lights. Then we hung out at home and watched License to Wed - cute movie! That in itself is a miracle as it's pretty hard to get J to go out to eat! Saturday I had one more gift I had to buy and also needed to stop at the grocery. Guess who kept the kids and I went out BY MYSELF? Yup, my guy!! It was glorious I tell you, absolutely glorious!!! After that I did a bunch of housework, which normally would suck but strangely wasn't that bad. THEN, after dinner, after Molly was asleep, (don't let your mind wander that way, that's not where I'm going with this) Ian babysat and J & I went out on a date! To see National Treasure, Book of Secrets. I loved it! There may have been a few weak plot points but still, I thought it was great! Today J & I went to a Saints game. Mom was kind enough to babysit so I could catch the last game of the season. Let me just say, if you want a cardiac workout, go see the Saints play! Oh, the ups and downs, the great plays and ridiculous calls! It was awesome!!! Then, J made burritos for dinner. Anyone who's had his Mexican food knows how awesome it is! Then, he made "Cajun Eggnog" for dessert - yummy! One last terrific part of this weekend - I have the day off tomorrow! My bosses decided we should get a four-day weekend - yay for me!!!

Sort of BB quote of the day: We were at the restaurant Friday, and BB was reading the jokes off the kids menu. It went something like this:

BB: What does a snowman like to ride?
J: A snowwoman! (Yes, he said that in front of his innocent daughter!!!)

In case your curious, the answer was "an ice-cycle"!

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Hannah said...

I miss J awfully, nobody gives it to you more real! Glad you are having the perfect weekend, or as close as you can get anyway.

Mmmm, cajun eggnog.