Friday, November 9, 2007

It's time to change my name to Methuselah*

Leave it to BB to once again make me feel ancient. Tonight we were in the car and the Sir MixALot song came on - "Baby got Back" (I'm not gonna link it for you - if you don't know the song then you're too old to know how to navigate a computer and therefore can't possibly be reading this). There's a bunch of "scratching" in the song, and BB mentioned it sounded like a zipper going up and down (damn, she's perceptive). I told her it's the DJ scratching the record.

"What's that?"...........

Flashback to when Ian was about her age, and we had just replaced our microwave. I was admiring the newness and mentioned to him that I remembered when ChiaMomandPop got our first microwave when we were kids. "Really?" he replied, "how did you cook before that?"

Back to BB... So, I explain to her what a record is and describe it for her. "Oh," she says, "one time at HNM a magician came and he brought one of those!! He put it in the thing (I believe she's referring to the sleeve) and it came out pink, then blue, then it was gone! I like records!"

I thought kids were supposed to make you feel young!

*I new he was supposed to be the oldest man in the bible, but I did not know he was Noah's grandfather. Hmmmm, I guess you really do learn something new every day!

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