Saturday, October 6, 2007


Molly has taken her first steps (finally!!). At first we had to convince her to walk, because she wanted to drop back onto her knees and crawl. But lately, she's been jumping off her (excuse me, Bridget's)little couch and walking to the coffee table just because she can. She's so cute! (plus, I have witnesses - KenEllie saw her and they agree, she IS so cute!)

Ian is still a texting fool, but he actually spoke to this girl on the phone. I asked him if he likes her, because if he didn't he shouldn't be texting her so much and leading her on. He gave a very curt "yes." - so NO TEASING, or mama bear is going to kick your ass!

Ohhh - The Goonies is on, gotta go! I love that movie, I've gotta remember to add it to my profile.

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