Friday, October 19, 2007

BB's Quote of the Day, in a round-about way...

I mentioned in a previous post that BB and I went to a birthday party last weekend. This was a 7-year-old’s birthday. It was supposed to be from 4-7 pm. When we got there at 4:00 there were only two other kids there in addition to the birthday girl. I felt kind of bad b/c the house was totally decorated for Halloween (it was a costume party) and they were putting out tons of food. The food table ended up being two tables for food and one large table for desserts (all kinds of desserts!!!). Anyway, they had the biggest “jump tent” that I have ever seen and the kids were playing there, swinging on the swingset, and generally running around. Then we started arts and crafts: they made a picture frame and painted it, then had their picture taken to put in the frame. A few more kids started showing up, and by 5:00 it was very crowded. By this time, the face painter had arrived. The kids were bobbing for apples, there was a “balloon guy” to make balloon animals, and a piñata. Then, as they were getting ready to do cake, all the children suddenly ran out the door. Literally, they were all crowded around the table with the cake on it, and they suddenly ran out the front door and down the block. WTF??? So the adults went outside to corral them back, and that’s when I realized they also had a train for the kids, which had just arrived! I’m telling you, the only thing missing from this party was fireworks. It was absolutely crazy.

But here’s where BB’s Quote of the Day comes in…One of the kids in costume is a classmate. She’s shorter than BB, but sort of built the same. Let’s just say I’m sure her mom has the same troubles I have when trying to buy clothes for her. So, she’s wearing this cute costume that has an asymmetrical top that only halfway hangs over her stomach, so that half is showing. As we’re leaving the party, BB looks at me and says, “Mary Jane had on a costume that showed her stomach. That’s not appropriate.” Hmmm. Wow. This coming from a kid who eats "runny nose" candy. Seriously, It's a big plastic nose with a spout at the bottom - you hook it over your ears and let the candy run out of the "nose" into your mouth. I have photographic evidence!!!

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H1 said...

I'm gonna need to see pictures of the candy. It sounds too funny.