Monday, September 17, 2007

Just keep the margaritas coming and it will all be fine...

So much to post, so little time to devote to posting! There have been several things I've wanted to post about but work has been so busy and our internet is still down at home.

Ian went to the Brother Martin/Shaw game Friday night. When he got home, I peppered him with questions, "Who won? Did you have fun? Did your friends show up? Did you see your friends from your old school?" He drifted past me with a smile on his face and said "I got hugs." I guess one of his friends from school brought some girls he is friends with. Oh, he's growing up!!

I think I'm going to institute a new feature: BB's Quote of the Day. Mom always said four is her favorite age. With BB, six is pretty damn cute! The only problem with this new feature is that I'm going to have to write this stuff down! Saturday morning was girls' day, so we're all in the car going shopping, and I'm telling her about the on again/off again relationship with the neighbor/classmate. I told mom, "There's so much drama in first grade", to which I hear BB sigh from the back seat, "Tell me about it."

I came across this article at Slate magazine on No, not the first letter about the guy with the long, uh, aim? The second article about the slumber party. Absolutely ridiculous!! As much as people are bemoaning the loss of the "family unit", now they want to penalize this poor girl because she has a nice, normal family? The articles linked to it are good too - basically how men are penalized just for being men. I don't even know where to begin. I recently read a really good book, The Handmaid's Tale, by Margaret Atwood, and it has a pretty scary premise. I can't even begin to delve into my theories on this, the way I see article and the book as related-I'm going to have to save that for another post, one where I have a little time to go into it. Basically, it has to do with that theorem about society heading so far in one direction that nature will eventually force it to swing back to its polar/extreme opposite. As an aside, I think every politician, liberal or conservative, should be forced to read this book!

Well, I have much more to go on about, but time is out!

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Hannah said...

BB is just the cutest thing ever!

On the other note, it does not surprise me that we are becoming a nation of total paranoids. We, obviously, are getting it honest. Sad. Very sad. I feel bad for the poor girl.