Monday, July 23, 2007

Wow, what a weekend!

**Still not going to talk about the actual story yet**

Well, the bookstore party was great! J got sick and left around 10pm, but Dad showed up so that was good. I think he had a good time - many thanks for Ian's book and your donation towards our "deluxe" edition. BB was adorable as Hermoine, she did enter the costume contest, and was not a sore loser. The winner and runner up were adorable! Fawkes the phoenix won and Fleur de la Couer was runner up - great costumes for both girls - homemade and very creative. Fawkes whole family looked good - brother was Serius (complete with mustache - I think he was about 7 years old?), mom was Tonks and dad was Hagrid. Talk about a family activity! The adult costumes were great too - Snape, Madam Rosmerta, Prof. Trewlaney, Prof. Umbridge, Tonks, several "schoolgirls". BB had a great time with Kenellie's youngest nephew - She wanted to play with him Saturday and was sad to hear he was returning home (?Florida?). I think Ian had a good time - he mostly hung out and read anime and goofed off a bit too. I was a little dissappointed about the "freebies" this year: glow-in-the-dark HP specs for everyone, and then they tossed a few keychains, but not many. Kenellie was very generous and gave theirs to BB, our group of 10 only caught 2 keychains, which were given to the youngest members of our party (you guys are so sweet).

Kenny told me they picked up book 1 for SIL(E). I am excited for her that she's beginning the series - I hope she loves the story as much as I do! Something about the series just kind of pulls you in and hooks you from the start. I think she'll really enjoy them, especially since she liked the movies. Now when SIL(H) will start reading them is the next question - you can glue another cover to the front if you're embarassed!!! Or are you afraid you're going to love it???!!!

I spent so much time reading, and the book covers quite a bit of time (months) that between that and actually doing activities (shopping, BBQ with friends) this weekend, it seems like it lasted forever!

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Hannah said...

Wait, your weekend felt like forever?? Sweeeet!!