Saturday, July 28, 2007

Don't bug me!!!

Wow, what a week! It just kind of flew by. I can't even remember most of what happened last week, I'm not sure if that's sad or not. Had lunch with Dad on Monday, and lunch with Mom and Dad on Wednesday. I know we went to Best Buy at some point, I'm really not sure if it was this week or last week...I think we had dinner with J's dad on ?Wednesday?. Everything is so anticlimatic after HP is over. Nothing to look forward hoo hoo (just kidding). Seriously, I guess I just floated through the week. It happens.

Today, Ian brings Molly to me and says there's something in her mouth. I see she's chewing, and there's something suspicious on her lip, so I stick my finger in her mouth to clear it out and I pull out......a bug!!! Gross!!!! After I stopped yelling and jumping around and vomiting (kidding, no not really, okay yes, I'm kidding) I look at where I flung it and it was some sort of beetle-looking thing. Ugh. She seemed pretty happy. I don't remember the other two ever eating bugs. Ew.

Going to tea with Mom and Ellie tomorrow. Should be fun. Not sure what to wear.

Speaking of wear - I went shopping for school uniforms for the kids today. Spent almost $500 and still have to buy BB shoes, PE uniform, and sweatshirt, and Ian still needs sweatshirt and jacket. That doesn't count school supplies like pens, paper, school bags, etc. Jeeze Louise it's gotten expensive! In the good old days you didn't have to send your kids to school, you could make them WORK!!! Then, not only did you not have to buy school supplies, they would bring you their paycheck! Ah, the good old days before child labor laws...

Wednesday is J and my 15 year anniversary! Has it really been that long? Looking at pictures, we were babies!!! Wow, I can't believe it's been 15 years of love and happiness. Mostly. Just kidding - love you babe!!! Looking forward to Fire of Brazil - anybody want to babysit three wonderful kids for one evening? Bring your own bugs.


the MeXican said...

Ready, willing and able to babysit your clutch.

Molly will have to get it over.

Gimme a call.

Hannah said...

$500?? Reason No. 4,302 why we don't have kids!! I also don't remember the kids eating bugs but I do know Ian loved him some dog food. hehe Cute times, too cute.

Louisiana Rose said...

I'm surprised you didn't call one of your brothers and offer him $1.00 to get the bug out of her mouth!