Thursday, July 12, 2007

They learn early... (do not read if you are eating)

First of all, I did finally get my gift! It was a compilation CD of John Lennon songs by various artists benefitting Amnesty International's Save Darfur campaign. It's terrific! Thank you, baby!!!

My shirts came in! They look great and they fit - yay! I can't decided which one to wear to the movie and which one to wear to the book sale. Damn I'm such a HP nerd! Mom and Dad saw the movie last night but Dad has kindly agreed not to blog it until we see it - thanks Pop!

So, since J is out of town this week, I took the kids to Panda King for dinner last night. Now, I know I've blogged before about the almost instantaneous reaction we have to chinese buffets - aka bathroom run. Well, last night while we were eating, I fed Molly some of the food - mac and cheese, rice, Jello, a bit of beef noodles. During the meal Ian had to "feed the catfish" (at the restaurant), on the way home BB stated she had to "drop the kids off at the pool", and as soon as we got home, even Molly had a full, nasty "baby burrito". They do learn early - it's what you do when you eat chinese buffet!

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