Sunday, July 15, 2007

I solemly swear I am up to no good...mischief managed.

The movie was awesome!!! Yes, they left a lot out, but it was a huge book! (It has been a while since I read the book, so I really can't pinpoint how many "big" plotlines they left out) I enjoyed the scene in the wizard court, and the D.A. scenes as well. The battle at the end was very good too. The audience clapped after it was over. I missed "Mr. Weasley" scene, as BB had to go to the bathroom. I thought this movie had a lot of humor, and I enjoyed seeing the characters' development. The theatre was full, and that created some interesting side notes...

The guy sitting next to me guffawed loudly at all the jokes, sometimes laughing so hard he leaned forward out of his seat (it was a bit distracting), he also did some wild arm movements when things were getting exciting. I would say about 10 times during the movie he was either falling out of his seat, laughing very loudly, or waving his arms. I say this because...after the movie was over, we were waiting near the restroom, and I told SIL(E) "I will never call us HP nerds again, because I was sitting next to the biggest nerd ever! He was doing that loud nerd laugh and was all over the place" , at which point I realized he was standing 3 feet away and heard the whole conversation!!! I felt so bad! I lamely tried to cover it but really did not succeed very well at all. I hope he didn't leave feeling badly, he did have a date, so maybe he was okay (I hope...can you see I'm trying to make myself feel better?) Then, as we were leaving the building, I pushed open the exit door and it got stuck. Kenny's door opened right up, so I pushed harder, still stuck. I could see some kids out there, so I decided it was some punk kid playing a stupid game, so I pushed even harder. Finally 2 guys and a girl came from out behind the door and she had only one flip flop on...the other was stuck under the door. I guess they were leaning on the door (stupid) and they never said stop or wait or anything when I started pushing (stupid), so when I passed I said "sorry, I didn't know anyone was behind the door" (because my mamma taught me right), but they just stood there looking at me and her shoe (idiots). They were probably 15 or 16 and looked like they came from nice, middle class families, so they should have known better.

Yesterday BB asked me how old chiamom is. I told her 23 and she said, "no, how old is she really?". I told her I wouldn't tell her b/c she always tells people how old I am and maybe grandma didn't want everyone else to know how old she really is. So BB said, "okay....but is she over 100?" hahahahahahahaha!!! I couldn't help it, I laughed out loud! When I answered negative, she said "oh, good".

That's it for now. Ciao!!!

I just found this on Post Secret - love it!!!


Auntie M said...

Well, H1 (YOUR brother!) asked Chiamom's mom if she was around when there were dinosaurs. When she answered NO, he then proceeded to ask if she at least knew George Washington? I think she either told him no, or said they didn't live near her house so, no, she didn't know him. But I love the 100 year old thing too!

Louisiana Rose said...

It's the hair!!

KenEllie said...

You talking about the weird person while the weird person was standing by you-great!

H1 said...

Ok, personally I would have beat the idiot with her own shoe. No home training, I swear.

Or maybe the door jamming was Karma getting you back for talking trash about the guy while he was standing there. Either way, that was pretty hilarious too. Hey, maybe they were his kids.