Thursday, June 14, 2007

Today I force you to listen to How Wonderful My Kids Are

Yes, yet again, validation that my kids are brilliant and wonderful. Ian got his class schedule for next year. He'll be taking Computers, Religion, PE, Honors English, Honors Science, and (drum roll please...) Honors Geometry. Now, what makes that so special is that 9th graders usually take Algebra. Ian took that in 8th grade, so we were hoping he'd be able to take Geometry. At the Open House back in November the math teacher said they don't usually do that unless the student took Algebra at BMHS. So, I was pleased to see he was assigned Geometry, then Ian pointed out it was HONORS Geometry!!! He'll be in with older kids (uh oh) and still taking an advanced class. I'm so proud of him!!!

In other news, SIL(H) needs to change the name of her car to "Jinxie". Hope you're feeling better soon. Maybe you and H2 can compare pain meds! I can get you the name of a good attorney (hahahahaha)!

This week J has been in BR at a class, so I've been taking BB to camp, Molly to Mama D, and Ian to Chiamom's house so she can take him to school. Because I've been in the right place at the right time, I've been enjoying going to work with the north half of KenEllie in the mornings. KenEllie's southern half has been picking Ian up from school in the afternoons and I hope she knows I am incredibly grateful. I think Ian is enjoying spending time alone (no siblings) with you both.

Many thanks to Chiapop and H1 for their travelin' stories. I have really enjoyed hearing about your experiences in other countries and I hope others have enjoyed them as well. Dad - you have seen and done so many things that I can only imagine. I'm glad you had a camera there for some of them (and maybe you're happy there was not a camera there for some of them?:) H1, a few of your stories end up with you chatting up/drinking with total strangers (some that don't even speak english). Why am I not surprised? That's one of the many things I love about you.

Oh yeah. There's this song out, "Hey there Delilah" by the Plain White T's and it's one of those songs that really sticks in your head. I love's kind of Simon/Garfunkle-ish and has a very basic tune. The words are sweet and romantic. This is one of those songs that if a kid can pick up a guitar and learn the melody (it sounds very easy/basic) and sing it to a girl, he'll be gettin' some for sure!!

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Hannah said...

Jinzy doesn't even cover it. The Gods hate how cute I am in that car and it is trying to destroy me!!

And of course your kids are geniuses, the apple don't fall far from the tree!