Thursday, June 7, 2007

I'm Calling You Out

Yes, Dad, I'm calling you out. I got to thinking about all the different countries you've visited in your life and that I'm not sure of all the places you've been. I am asking you to blog where you've been, and maybe an interesting story or two.

H1, if you're so inclined, ditto.


Dorkamus said...

I've been to Canada. And mom and dad left me there. But I showed them. I came back. HA!

P.S. I know Canada is just a big state but still.

H1 said...

Yeah but Canada doesn't count because it's, well, Canada.

Ha ha ha. Ok, just kidding.

Anonymous said...

We've been to mexico....aka Houston.

From kenellie

Louisiana Rose said...

Wait! Don't pick on Canada! Patti claims that as her "homeland" when she makes her many trips to Africa!

Hubby #1 said...

I've been to Mexico, Canada, and Hell (A.K.A. Houston).

Hannah said...

HAY, Houston aint Hell, trust me, I've seen Hell. Post-Katrina NoLa!!