Sunday, April 8, 2007

(Slap)Happy Easter!!!

Wow, what a great day! There were just too many laugh-out-loud moments to name...Molly in the Build-A-Bear wig, Kenny's room (okay, house)-clearing farts, the regular Herrick family meal humor (including: Kenny's description of his bowel functions - particularly the one that had fingers and reached up to grab him!!!; 2 separate enema refrences; and one referance to "tossed salad" - 2 if you count Ian mentioning how he spoke about it to Aunt H and his other grandmother).

Molly is sick, she was doing so well yesterday. I really think her ear infections have returned. Looks like she might follow Ian down the "multiple ear infection" route. Great. I will probably have to miss work tomorrow to take her to the doctor again. This can't be good.

Going to drag J in to the principal's office on Tues am. I am still fighting the issue from my first blog and the principal won't return my calls. I've decided he must need a "man to man" conversation, so J is going to "have my back". What a great husband!!!

7 minutes until Sopranos!!! Gotta go get ready!

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Hannah said...

I encourage an open environment but the "toss salad" question was too much! I am almost positive that a little pee came out. Just a little mind you. Can't wait to see you all this weekend!