Friday, March 23, 2007

On To Something New

Well, I've decided to try my hand at blogging. Most likely it will bore the hell out of anyone who finds it, but I'm gonna try. Let me know when you find it (You know who you are). My intent is sort of the same as H1, write about stuff that bugs me, stuff I notice, etc. However, my kids will probably pepper a lot of these posts...if I get past this one, that is. I'm not even sure I know how to find this page again once I'm done!!!

So, J and I are thinking about a short trip to H-town...gotta schedule around Deal's Gap and Ian's summer course, maybe a Fri-Mon thing? School ends mid-May for both kids. I have three whole days of vacation available to me - woo hoo! A girl could go crazy with three whole days off!!!

Thanks to all who bought ads for the May Festival, I turned them in yesterday. They look terrific, I must say. The meeting turned out to be a disaster, who would have thought?! Turns out the meeting was cancelled - did they inform any parents? Of course not. The principal dosen't even show up, he leaves it to the PTA president to stand there and tell us. So we go to turn in our ads anyway and she tells us they're giving us another week. So why did I waste my time coming to a meeting that was cancelled to turn in ads that aren't due until next Friday? This is one of many reasons we are not returning to this school next year!!! Oh, I've gotta run- I need to call the school principal to fight for my $1000 refund from this year. He's trying to make me stay next year to claim it - I call bullshit!!!!

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Hannah said...

What in the Hell did you wait so long for?