Monday, January 10, 2011

What did I miss?

Jerrod is complaining no one is blogging…glad to know it’s not just me :) Honestly, between work and the holidays, the last month just flashed by.

Christmas was a nice, quiet affair, the kids I think were happy with their loot. Jerrod and I agreed not to exchange gifts this year, and I have to say it made things a lot less stressful. Of course, we each got each other something from the kids, but there wasn’t the need to buy, buy, buy, which felt pretty good. Neither of us really needed anything, and since I worked a lot of overtime in the week leading up to Christmas, Jerrod did most of the shopping anyway.

New Year’s weekend was a blast, as expected. The trip to Houston was uneventful and we were able to leave Thursday morning instead of Thursday night, which made a huge difference. Hannah’s mother was also visiting, so we got to spend time with her – she’s such a sweet, sweet lady. The highlights of the visit: $300 worth of fireworks on New Year’s Eve, partying with the neighbors across the street who didn’t speak English (not me folks, I went to bed at 12:01!), and the restaurant/petting zoo. Oh, and we finally got to go to HEB – I have to say, it was pretty awesome – the baked goods and tortillas (and churros!) and meat were amazing. Michael is looking really good and I hear he’s back at work since Jan 4, I think…

So now, it’s just getting back into the groove. The kids are back in school. I spend Saturday doing all the cleaning I didn’t do the last two weekends and it felt kind of good. Yesterday I didn’t shower or get out of my pajamas ALL DAY – that’s right folks, just my way of saving the environment by not using water to bathe or wash a pesky extra set of clothing.

I’m still not reading as much as usual, so I feel like my book blog is suffering, but it’s completely the fault of my new phone – that’s right, I finally got the EVO. Have I read the instruction manual yet? Nope, it’s still in the cellophane wrapper, but I will, I promise!! Ian has been very, very helpful putting in ringtones and apps for me.

I have dry cough I can’t get rid of. Jerrod brought me some cough syrup and I’ve been swigging straight from the bottle. I know it has guafisin (sp?) in it without reading the label. How? Because my pee smells like mint. Yes, guafisin has that effect on me – and it makes my taste buds wonky. Does anyone else have this side-effect? I’ve got to read the label and check…

Lastly, I’ll end my "diarrhea du plume" (would that be diarrhea of the pen?) and leave you with this:

Molly: Can I say “shut up”?
Me: No.
Molly: Can I say “stupid”?
Me: No.
Molly: Can I say “whatever”? (LOL, you should hear he say it – perfect teen inflection!)
Me: No.
Molly: Can I say “What the heck”?
Me: No.
Molly: I can’t say anything!

Oh, and there’s this weird Russian kid who’s started hanging out with BB – I think he’s got potential to be a serial killer (I am sooooo not kidding). I’m saving that post for another day!

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