Monday, December 6, 2010

Motorcycle Michael...???

I live in a family of motorcycle riders - my dad, my brothers, my aunt and uncle, we love it! I have my motorcycle license but haven't been on a bike since Katrina :( My guys love to ride - to work, school, errands, you name it: if the weather's nice, they're on a bike!

So, as most of the family knows, my brother Michael was riding home from work on Wednesday evening, tried to pass, and ended up in a ditch. He's going to be okay, but he's going to have to work at it: he broke his hip (I believe the word severed was used in relation to his socket bones) and they fixed it Friday. They didn't know if they could repair or would have to replace it until they got in there, but a repair was done and he has done a wonderful job of recovering; they sent him home Saturday!! He's still in a lot of pain, has several months of walking on crutches (absolutely no weight bearing for several weeks) and PT to look forward to, and incessant teasing by the rest of the family about his squeaky hip when he's up to sexy time :) Oh, and he's got to quit smoking or the hip won't heal. Yikes!

Here he is - home from the hospital (via Dad's facebook):

(Note the fabulous yellow hospital sox - hehe!)

Hannah has gone through this with both barrels blazing and for that I give her kudos - I would have been a sobbing pile of mush. She's taken charge and is making sure Michael is going to be okay.

You know I had to ask him - Did you check yourself before you wrecked yourself? (he said yes). We've got foot race planned for next year between Michael and Ian - Gimp Olympics :) (We're really an evil, evil family, aren't we?)

Love you Mike and Hannah - get well soon!!!! We'll see you at New Year's!


ParaJunkee said...

Hubs lost his bike in Katrina, it was like one of those things. Miss it, but boy would it scare me. People just don't pay attention. I'm glad he is doing better and it's fixable. Good luck. Your family sounds like mine.

Hannah said...

My terminator!

H1 said...

I gotta find out where Hannah hid those stylish socks!