Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Family, Funny, and Pfffft!!!

Besides the obvious, why do I think this is funny? Because that's what we got my mom for Christmas this year! Mom had been talking about it and my dad had decided that's what he wanted to do for her. She asked me to come help her choose. At first I was all "Sure, whatever." I figured we'd grab a few beads and go....we were there for almost two hours! I have to tell you though, it came out amazing - there's a bead for every family member and a reason behind each bead on the bracelet. I'm really, really happy I went.

I don't know what's wrong with me that I find this so funny - Louisiana license plates have three letters, then three numbers. Of course, I don't think they allow letters like "ASS", but apparently "VAG" is okay. This cracks me up - yesterday I saw two different cars with "VAG" on their plates, and I was telling J about it and laughing - I said if I got that license plate I'd send it back...I don't want to drive the vaginamobile. Then today I was on the phone and a car moved into the lane in front of me - with a "VAG" license plate. Hahaha - I know, 40-year-old body, 12-year-old brain...

My new favorite song:

I was listening to this in the car the other day (following a VAG car? maybe.) and I started wondering, "Would J take a bullet for me?" and I came to the conclusion that he would. I could honestly see him doing that in that situation. And that floored me; it made me thankful all over again for what a wonderful man I'm married to. Love you honey!!!

Aaaaaannnndddd that segues into this:(photo credit Intercourses)

To the person who mentioned figging to my husband - are you out of your figging mind?


Anonymous said...

Ummm... for the record, I got her the pandora beads... just to clear up any possible confusion!!

Anonymous said...

You know... as opposed to those other beads... :-)

Hannah said...

Anal beads and figging in the same post? Reason No. 1,735 why I love this family!

Patti (Book Addict) said...

Dad: Hahaha - I don't want to know :)

Hannah: I should be saving this stuff for Christmas dinner!

Anonymous said...

you know, i purposely look for license plates with VAG on them because they are usually the people with warrants......HA!!!!