Sunday, October 31, 2010

Fabulous 40 weekend!!

I have to say, even though it's Jerrod's birthday weekend, I have had a blast!!!

Friday, we went to Byblos (Mediterranean food) with the kids and Mom/Dad and Brenda. We came home for cake (Whole Foods Berry Chantilly - yum!), and Jerrod, Ian, and Dad went to see Saw (which I heard was gory but lame).

Saturday, I got up early and met my book blog friend Rachel and we crashed a book signing by one of my favorite vampy authors, Jeaniene Frost (pic here). In addition to meeting Ms. Frost and another author, Karen Essex, I picked up the cutest pink scarf that has little skull/crossbones all over it :) I had coffee with Rachel and her husband and daughter while I waited for Jerrod to pick me up. After they left, I walked around the French Quarter for a while (alone!!!) and went into shops I never get to go into when the kids are with me. It was nice just hanging out by myself; a rare treat.

Saturday night Jerrod and I went out alone. We had planned to have dinner and go to the casino, but Jerrod got it into his head that we should go on an we drove around until we found a restaurant that looked good -Sake Cafe - it was soooo good. We ordered a little "love boat" for two, it came to the table in a boat, just like when we went to dinner for prom (all those years ago, LOL).

After dinner, we decided spur-of-the-moment to get tattoos together! We'd been talking about getting tattoos, and although we both have tats, we didn't get them together. So we headed out to one of the local places, decided we both wanted fleur-de-lis, and voila:

(my back, right underneath my neck)

(Jerrod's inner arm - that's our anniversary date)

They're still red and sore but that will go away...

Today, I've already been to church with Bridget, who is in the school choir (after staying up late at the tattoo parlor it was really hard to get up!!!). We're headed out to trick or treat - pics to come - and hang out with friends to watch the game.

The girls are off from school tomorrow so it's just me and Ian in the am - not too shabby!!!

Happy Birthday baby, I hope you're having as much fun on your birthday weekend as I am!

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