Thursday, September 9, 2010

I am the Champion of the World!!!! *Update*

No, okay, maybe not. But I feel like it! I've been trying for about two weeks to create and add a favicon to my blogs. Favicon - the little picture next to my blog name in the web address thingy - it used to be an orange B, now it's a fleur-de-lis! How awesome am I? Pretty awewome!!!

Okay, okay, enough self-congrats for a job well done. (Oops, there I go again!). So, what else has been going on? Well, I had a fabulous girls' weekend in the French Quarter last weekend. Hannah came down and we spent the night at the Hotel Monteleone with our book blog friend Cecile. We walked around the quarter and had lunch, then went out for a few drinks in the evening. Here we are on Bourbon Street - okay, you can barely see us but I promise that's us...

(Oh, I'm noticing now that "creepy sign guy" finally moved by the time the picture was taken)

Then, Sunday there was a book signing at the hotel and we met two other bloggers for brunch at The Court of Two Sisters:

It was soooo much fun!

While we were doing "girl stuff", Jerrod and Michael were out with "the guys" riding motorcycles. I think all in all it was a great weekend - thank you so much Jerrod for keeping the kids so I could go out and let loose (haha - you know me, not too loose). Seriously, though, it was awesome. Thank you.
Apparently I'm not as awesome as I thought - blogger ate my favicons. Hannah sent me a link on how to fix it but my html is apparently not the same as other people's html because I can't findd the spot I'm supposed to move my code to :(


H1 said...

You should have said "not toulouse". I had a great time, glad you girls did too.

Hannah said...

That's a good looking group right there!

Cecile said...

I had a great time and thanks to the hubs for keeping kids and have you not for Patti and Hannah to let them come out a play! We had a great time! At least I had a great time!
Yayayay!! Can't wait to do it again!
Hugs to you honey!