Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Hello from Nowhere.

Just a few snippets today, I've been neglecting this blog badly...

Was listening to theViolent Femmes' Add it Up in the car today on the way to work. As I sat in traffic and listened to the lyrics, I started wondering if, when they wrote this song, they thought it would be listened to by a 40-year-old lady on her way to work in corporate America.

Probably not.

I went to McDonalds for breakfast a while ago and the guy in the drive-thru in front of me ordered coffee. That's it - just coffee. This is not the first time I've seen this happen. Really, just coffee at the drive-thru?

So, Ian is graduating in May. J and I were talking about bills and stuff and I realized that when Ian graduates we'll be done paying his tuition!!!! This is a HUGE deal - it's more than a car payment would be but less than our house note. Is it wrong for me to be excited about that?

Molly's birthday is tomorrow. My baby will be 4 years old. Have we purchased any gifts for her yet? No. Hey - at least I ordered the cake! (It's Little Mermaid!)

Speaking of Molly, I'm getting a bit concerned about her "stripper moves". This chick dances with abandon and loves watching herself do it. She also likes to eat her lunch naked. Between the two all I can think of is a future career at those lunch buffets the strip clubs advertise on the radio (which to me seems pretty gross - I definitely don't want any naked bodies hanging around my food. Yuck!).

Ian's on some new meds for his foot/knee. We're not thrilled about the side effects and have been putting this step off for about a year, but we've been convinced it's time. To me the side effects are scarier than the actual problem, but all I can do at this point is pray for the best and watch for the worst.

Saints football is back in season and after last night's nailbiter of a game I have only one question - if my husband dies of a heart attack while watching the game, can I sue the Saints organization?


Cecile said...

Hey honey popping in to see how you are doing!! I hope all is well in your town!
And you really made me giggle with Molly's story!!! Or she could do drive thru, lol!! Sorry I could not resist!
Hugs and kisses honey!!!!

Anonymous said...

Those strippers make a decent wage each day/night. Someone told me bartenders in those clubs clear $300/night...so what do the strippers make? It might be a way to make tuition?.....Auntie M