Monday, August 2, 2010

Vacation Stories, Part Cinco - the Wedding

Okay, so this was technically the last day of vacation. I get up at 6:30 to be at the nail salon by 7 for a mani/pedi and makeup application. All goes well, I get a break in between to rush back to the hotel and check on things. I'd never had my makeup done like this for an event and it was fun - Hannah, Mom, and Aunt Sara were there so I was entertained.

Once that's taken care of, I rush back to the hotel to get myself and the girls dressed as suddenly time is running short! We rush out the door (looking pretty good if I do say so myself) and get to the church, where there's a slight problem...The bride's mother, sister (maid of honor) and the wedding flowers are stuck in Mexico. Yup, I guess there were very long lines to come back into the US and they were stuck. The wedding actually started almost an hour late! So, while we waited we hung out and took pictures!

Here's my mother, me, and my daughters:

The bride getting ready to (finally) enter the church:

My immediate family (maiden family? childhood family?) My parents, myself, my three brothers, and my newest sister-in-law (if that makes any sense):

After the wedding we had about 3 hours to kill before the reception, so we went to a local winery, which I'd never done before. It was fun!

Jerrod and I after a few "sips", lol:

Then, we leave the winery and head back to the hotel, where no one knows how to get to the reception hall in Mexico. After some back-and-forth, we finally caravan into Mexico and follow the directions on the admit card, which had the final turn as a left instead of a right. Yup, we got lost in Mexico! We ended up driving right out of Acuna and into the next town! It was a bit frustrating, but we did get to see a bullfighting ring and hung out in front of a Mexican whorehouse for a bit!

Once someone came out to lead us back, the night was amazing. When I say this is the funnest wedding I've ever been to I am not exaggerating! True story! Here we lined up to be announced to the guests at the reception:

A photo of the bride dancing with Molly:

The happy couple (yes, he is that much taller than she is!):

OMG the dancing at this reception was crazy! Balloons, crazy hats, noisemakers, masks:

There was some game they played where the women and then the men made a chain and ran underneath the bride and groom (like fast-action limbo):

The garter was funny - when Dean went to get Brenda's garter, all her male family members surrounded her so no one could get in to see what was camera is a group of guys climbing on top of each other trying to see inside!

Needless to say there was a lot of food, drinking, and dancing! Luckily for us, at the end of the night they had a security guard lead us back to the border or Lord knows where we would have ended up!

And after it was all said and done, here's Molly the next morning as we prepare for our journey home:

There's a check-point in Uvalde, Texas where the officer who checked our car took one look at Jerrod in his Saint's jersey and went on about how he was a Saints fan and was happy we'd won the Superbowl - that's right baby - Saints are nationwide!!!!

By leaving Sunday instead of Monday we missed a trip to Lake Amistad and a dinner at the mother-of-the-bride's house, but I'm glad we did it the way we did as I got sick on Sunday evening. As I've learned over the last week or so, I'm not the only one who got sick: The bride and groom, the bride's grandfather, two of the bride's brothers, my sister-in-law, my husband, and both daughters got sick too.

There are more stories to be told, but for now, that's a wrap. Hope you enjoyed my vacation stories!

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Anonymous said...

We really DID have so much fun! I don't think I've ever had that much fun at a wedding! My ears, however, are still ringing from the loudness of the band. Am I really that old that the band was too loud? ....Auntie M