Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Quick hello, we're home!

We got in LATE last night. I'm tired, sick, and have to go to work.

Funnest. Wedding. Ever.

I haven't had time to even go into our camera (battery died halfway through reception) but here's a taste:

The bride and groom dancing to the El Mariachi song from the movie Desperado (yes, they had a real Mariachi Band at the reception!):

I've got a ton of stories to share, this trip was a blast!


Cecile said...

Okay... head count!?!?!?! How many came home?!?!

I am so jealous of you! But I am glad that you had a great time!!! Hugs honey and I can not wait to hear about it alllllllll!!!

Louisiana Rose said...

She did leave one behind, Cecile, but I grabbed him on my way outta town!