Sunday, June 13, 2010

My Fabulous kid-free weekend!!!

How awesome was True Blood?!? I want a t-shirt that says:

Conscience Down
Dick Up
Everything will be alright

I had a great weekend - Saturday I met other book bloggers in Lake Charles! Yes, I did fall face first into a speed trap ---> anyone who travels the Atchafalaya Basin watch your speed - they're meanie heads!

Hannah, Courtney, Kristie, Me, Cecile

Cecile, Courtney (Hell Kat) and Kristie got there around 10:00 and Hannah and I didn't get there until 11 (thanks cop). Cecile and I recognized each other at the same time and we immediately fell into conversation. The five of us sat at the Books a Million for about 3 or so hours just chatting about books and life. We left and had lunch at a local sports bar (it was surprisingly good!) and chatted some more. Then Cecile, Courtney and Kristie got back on the road and Hannah and I headed for our hotel. I'm looking forward to seeing Cecile again on Labor Day weekend for the Writers for New Orleans event!

I took this picture because no one would believe they let Hannah into this place:

She did not get kicked out - not even close. But I'm sure that sign was directed at her :)

Hannah and I stayed at a brand new Holiday Inn - it had been open only a few months. We checked in and immediately left to do some shopping and girl time. After dinner, we came back to a bunch of cop cars and cops carrying police tape. Trying not to gawk we made our way up to our floor - where the cops were. Uh-oh. Yup, about 5 rooms down from us there was some sort of altercation. So if you read about some crazy stuff going down in Lake Charles this weekend, it wasn't us!!

While we were out, I bought Ian this:

It's an energy drink that's supposed to mimic blood. It's full of iron and sodium and really looks like blood. I can't believe he drank it - he did gag a bit. I guess it's supposed to be fruit flavored but I don't think they succeeded very well.

Sunday we slept in (really, I slept in and Hannah read) and had breakfast and got on the road around noon. I drove like a little old lady and made it home ticket-free. Mom and Dad cooked lasagna for dinner and then we came home, bathed the kids and put them to bed, and settled in for True Blood.

Definitely a weekend to remember! Thanks Jerrod and Ian for working things out so I could go!


Cecile said...

Yes, my thanks and hugs go to Jerrod and Ian so Mom can come and play with us!! We had a blast!!!!

Oh gosh... girl you know the saying, "it would happen to you," roflmbo!!!!!!!

Can't wait for Labor Day weekend! I am looking forward to it!! And this time I am staying over!

Hannah said...

Doing the speed limit sucks.