Friday, May 7, 2010

Our very own Awkward Family Photos!!!

Alright, I may or may not have mentioned previously that I have three brothers - two of whom are married. My middle, unmarried brother (H2) is getting married to a wonderful woman this summer (H2F). H2F is from Mexico, although she's lived in the US, in Texas, for about 15 years or so. So the wedding is being held in Texas, but the reception is being held in Mexico so as to include her family that is not able to come to the wedding. I'm very excited for so many reasons I can't count them all - I'm excited they're getting married, that we get to see her home (the pics are beautiful!), and that we get to go to Mexico to name a few. We're all in the wedding so we'll take formal family pics while we're there, which we haven't done since Molly was born.

We're getting down to the wire as far as getting passports for everyone. I'm the only one who has mine - we need to get them for hubs and all three kids. We're going to go Saturday morning to get them, so Wednesday I took the kids to Walgreens to get their passport photos.

(Please excuse the grainy-ness, these are pictures of pictures) These are the pictures in the order in which they were taken:

Ian looks like he just got out of prison. Yes, that's a white t-shirt on top of an older white t-shirt. He didn't have any shirts without designs on them. What teenager wears plain t-shirts? None that I've seen...

Bridget looks like she's about to go to prison. I'm sure you can imagine she's got a shiv in her hand and is about to cut the photographer. Which is weird, because she was so laid-back about the whole thing. She just didn't want to smile.

Molly's picture is pretty self-explanitory. She was so excited to get her picture taken - until we got there. Then she didn't want anything to do with it. She cried and cut up so loud I actually went all ghetto and spanked her butt in the store. It took us a good 15 minutes to get this picture:

Yes, that is her Passport Picture. For the next 5 years that's what she's got. And lest you think I was kidding, when Jerrod went in yesterday to get his picture done, he brought Molly along for the ride. The store employee recognized her from Wednesday and KNEW HER NAME. Yes, she totally busted me and told Jerrod she recognized her from the day before when she was crying and hollering in the store.

So there you have it - there's no way Mexico is letting us in!!!!


Cecile said...

OMG, this is to funny! You are right, after they take a look at the family photos, they might not let you guys in!!! LMBO! Just picking. Poor Molly ~ Hugs to you. Yea, I know you are thinking: you did not have to deal with her... I know.. but still.

And yayayayay on getting to go to Mexico!!!! And the pending marriage - of course, lol!!!

I hope you are having a great day ~ it is Friday!!!!

Hannah said...

*dying laughing* That is the funniest thing I have ever seen!!!

Hannah said...

And BB is just the kinda girl who if you mess with her, would shiv you. I check her pockets when she visits.

Every-single-time. haha

Anonymous said...


Ian...I'll kill a Mexico

BB... I'm gonna kill a mofo, they just don't know it Mexico

Molly...please let my brother and sister out of Mexico


Danielle87 said...

Aw! Molly's pic is too funny! LOL
You have got to keep that to embarrass her at her 18th birthday!

Louisiana Rose said...

Let's hope the wedding/family photos are a little better!