Monday, May 17, 2010


Yup, that's where I spent my weekend! The last few months I've felt like Charlie Brown, walking around with a little raincloud over my head. This weekend, however, was full of awesome!

Here's the flan Jerrod made for my birthday, it was delish (don't be hatin'!)

The weekend started off a little questionable, as I had to work late on Friday, but that ended up being okay. Friday night I hung out with the kids while Jerrod worked.

Saturday, I woke up, took the girls (hehe - every time I type "the girls" I think of boobies) to the post office to mail off the book I gave away for my book blog birthday giveaway. Then we headed over to the used bookstore where I traded a few and picked up a few more! From there, since the girls (tee-hee!) were so good I took them to McDonald's to play in their Play Place while I read a bit. Then we came home and I got ready to go out to dinner and the French Quarter with Jerrod. It rained pretty hard all day so I was a bit worried about the weather - the vampire tour is all outside. By the time dinner was over, it was just a drizzle, and by the time tour started it had pretty much stopped.

I didn't get any pics at dinner (Byblos, with Mom/Dad, and Dean/Brenda),but here we are in front of the St. Louis Cathedral waiting for the tour to start:

and Dean and Brenda (aren't they cute?):

The vampire tour was fun in a campy, spooky kind of way (*cough* if you're not a cop *cough*). They took us past a few of the places where they filmed Interview With A Vampire, and the other stops were crime related, as in, crimes where they drank human blood. It was kind of creepy. Then, they took us by the Ursuline Convent, and told us a long story about how no one is allowed in the attic and one of the attic shutters opens every night and the last person who'd waited to see if it really opened was found murdered. Supposedly it's a great place for vampires to hide because they won't be bothered and it's somewhere no one would look. (I'm telling my Dad the story last night at dinner and he says, "I've been in the attic at the Ursuline Convent. They took us there for a field trip in our Church class." Okay, I guess that story is busted...)

After the tour, we were going to have our fortunes told but it was very late and the fortune teller that was out looked like a meth addict. We'll go back during the day for that :)

THEN (and then......)we went for a carriage ride around the French Quarter. I knew it was going to be a good ride when the driver hops in and says "Excuse me y'all, I'm just going to unbutton my pants up here. Y'all won't be able to see it or anything, but my pants sure are tight, I ate a big dinner..." We had a great time - he was funny and told some good stories. Here's Dean and Brenda petting the mule:

Here's the back of the Cathedral. There's a statue of Jesus in the garden, and the spotlight makes it large up against the back of the church. According to the tourguide, the neighbors affectionately refer to it as "Touchdown Jesus".

On Sunday, Jerrod let me sleep late and he made me breakfast (cheese omlette and chicken/apple sausage). Then he had to go to Lake Charles for the next few days, and Ian and I left for our "date". He took me to Barnes and Noble, where he had coffee and I had a diet Pepsi, and he wandered the romance and scifi aisles with me without complaint. I'd picked out 4 books and he surprised me and bought them!

Then, we went to see Robin Hood. We both thought it was okay. Not great. Actually it seemed like a 2 1/2 hour prequel to the next movie ('cause you know there'll be one!). I was a bit disappointed but it could have been much, much worse. Then we went out to dinner with my parents and ended the weekend.

The only bad part? Our window is not fixed and it rained like crazy (Jerrod was able to figure out the problem before he left though, so that's good), and I accidentally cut up my debit card. Which means I have no access to cash for the next 7-10 days. No es bueno. But the rest of my weekend was so awesome I don't care!


Cecile said...

Oh Patti, I am glad that you had a great birthday weekend (even if the weather did not agree completely with the fact that it was your bday). I will have to remind it next year... to straighten up cuz its Patti's bday!

And I am glad that you felt like a queen, that is how you should feel!
Hugs to you honey! Here is to an awesome day!

Hannah said...

Good times, good times. Well deserved god times too! Ian is SUCH a sweetheart!!