Thursday, May 20, 2010

And then He sent the locusts...

I don't think it's a big secret I've been kind of mad at God lately. Between Ian's leg/surgery issues, plumbing issues, Catholic school tuition issues, sick kids, work problems, and other day-to-day little issues (like the window that doubles as a shower), I feel like I've been under a perpetual Black Cloud of Doom.

But, I've had such a terrific week or so, I was starting to think maybe it was just hormones or my imagination and possibly I've been blowing things out of proportion. I mean, God doesn't really hate me, does he? That couldn't be right.

And then he sent the locusts....or, as we like to call them down here in New Orleans - termites. That's right folks. We have termites - tons of them. When we turned on the hallway light they came out of the attic last night. For anyone not in New Orleans - termites = big, fat, no es bueno.


Really, God? Really?

Looking at this list, I can check off 5/10 items checked off in the last month. This does not bode well.


Erotic Horizon said...

You make me smile hon..

I dont think God is after you ... have faith and get a fumigator...

you will be fine... however sometimes it nice to just vent or scream at the unfairness of it all..

I know I do - even the neighbour joins me on a few occasion..

Happy thoughts your way today...


Cecile said...

Oh Patti... **Passes Patti my shirt of "Been there, Done that... Have the Orkin bill to prove it"

Yep, I know what you are going through and nope ~ it is not fun.

God does not hate you, He just knows how much you can handle, and it seems He has a lot of faith in you honey!! *big grin ~ looks at shirt again* That is why we are women honey... Because we can handle more than men.

Hugs to you honey! And yes... sending many happy thoughts your way today!!

Hannah said...

I wish I was there to hand over a huge, heavy-handed margarita. You need one.

Or two.

Or ten.

Chin up boo, you got this!!

ibeeeg said...

I feel for you! It is incredibly frustrating when you are getting by one bad thing, and then another, and there does not seem to be any breaks! Ugh!
5 out of the 10 have hit you? Ouch! So sorry, but from experience, things do tend to go back towards the up-swing of good. I am sending you happy vibes to help give you a moment of peace until you hit the up-swing.

Major Dad said...

I love ya, Hon. I just can't leave town for any reason any more. Everytime I come back, shit happens!!!!!

Patti said...

EH: Thanks - I think blogging about it is my way of letting off steam...

Thanks Cecile! We've been there also - our last house had to be tented :(

Hannah: Yup, margaritas would make this all better :)

ibeeeg: That's exactly it - I feel like once we get over one thing and can finally breathe then something else takes it's place. I'm ready for my upswing!

Maj. Dad: I'll write a note to your boss telling him you can't go out of town anymore!

Cecile said...

That's what friends are for honey!!

**pours in a little more tequila in the margarita while Hannah fixes it**

Anonymous said...

Didn't you know when it rains it pours? Yes, even in your wall. But think of it this way....once you're bombarded with all the sh*t you can handle, it will be all over until the next deluge. Hopefully that won't be for another 20 years!.....Auntie M

Anonymous said...

If it makes you feel any better...all my kitchen appliances are talking to one another and they have decided they are all going on strike at the same time!....Auntie M