Saturday, January 30, 2010

Bosom Buddies

Only in New Orleans is it not a big deal when a wife gets a phone call from her husband that goes like this:
J: I'm going dress shopping with the guys after work.
Me: How come?
J: We're marching with Bobby Hebert tomorrow.
Me: Okay, let me know if you find anything good!
(Here's the short version of the story behind the march; it's very sweet considering it's a bunch of guys. Of course you know it's Saints Football related!)


Cecile said...

You are so right Patti!!!! LMBO!!! J needs to take a picture of himself with his choice!!! Dying to see some sexy legs!!! LOL!!!
Have a great weekend!
Here we come Superbowl!

Hannah said...

Our people are a FOOL: