Thursday, November 26, 2009

This is why I married a man who cooks...

J and Ian had to leave early this morning to help feed the elderly, so he left me a list of instructions to assist with cooking Thanksgiving dinner:
1. 10:00 am: Put 18 eggs in pot. Cover with hot water, add 1 tbsp salt. Bring to boil and turn to med high and allow to boil for 20 minutes. Fill pot with cold water. (I don't eat boiled eggs and only make them once a year at Easter for the kids. I can never remember how long to cook them for and whether the eggs go in before or after the water boils)

2. 10:30 am: Place aluminum foil over turkey breast.
3. 11:00 am: Make relish tray.
Simple, right? Well, I did okay, except I put the tinfoil all around the turkey in the pan and made sure it was nice and tight. Which apparently overcooks the turkey? What he wanted me to do was exactly what he wrote - put a piece of tinfoil over the turkey breast, not the whole turkey (I'm still not sure why you would do that). Luckily he caught it as soon as he got home and it worked out. Oh, yeah, and I forgot to take the corn out of the microwave and we didn't realize it until my brother came over 5 hours after we had eaten dinner!
Then, after he cooked the pie, he was outside working on something and asked me to take it out of the oven. Not that difficult....except about 30 minutes later we (he) realized I didn't turn off the oven. It's not that I forgot, uuummm.... I thought the local firemen should come over for a nice Thanksgiving dinner!


Hannah said...

Haha. You know what I heard all day yesterday? "Get out of the kitchen, I got it."

Seems we both suffer from the same affliction.

Hope you had a great day!

MAjor Dad said...

dinner was great. Thanks for your help, baby. Without you, it wouldn't have happened.