Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Who, me?

Wow - I am the recipient of two blog awards! *blushes* Thanks ladies!

Stalker over at Taunt has given me the Honest Scrap award (check our her 10 things list - it is hilarious!):

and Cecile over at All I Want and More has bestowed upon me the Kreativ Blogger award:

Now, these awards come with strings attached: Honest Scrap must be paid forward and wants 10 intersting things about me. Kreativ Blogger wants seven favorite things and pay forward to seven blogs. I'm going to cheat and combine the two, 'cause that's the way I roll!!

10 things about me:

1. I have been to the equator.

2. I married my high-school sweetheart (we just had our 17th anniversary!)

3. My favorite candy is Cadbury Eggs.

4. My favorite color is blue - I collect blue glass. (does that count as two? No? Shucks!)

5. I love driving a stick shift. Driving an automatic is just not as much fun!

6. I was once fired from a job for not having sex with my boss.

7. I don't drink milk. Ever.

8. Tulips are my favorite flower.

9. When I made my First Confession, I was so nervous they had to bump me up in the line so I wouldn't pee in my pants!

10. I have marched in Mardi Gras Parades.

That's all I got - like it or lump it....AND, I am passing the awards as follows:

Honest Scrap goes to: Hilda at The Dip Files

Kreativ Blogger goes to:

Stalker at Taunt (hello - she did redesign my book blog - that's pretty darn creative!!)

Michelle at Michelle's Book Blog

Julie at Outlandish Dreaming

Pearl at Pearl's World of Books

Vamp Fan Girl at Lovin' Me Some Romance

Mandi at Smexy Books

K. C. at Smokinhotbooks

Now, I know this is a repeat award for many of you, but I'm here late in the game so let me give my props!!!


Hilda said...

Heeey, thanks for the award hun! Really appreciate it :)
Yay, two awards in one day, I'm on a roll! Keep them coming people! <3 hehehehe

I will post my list and will pass along the award tomorrow cause I'm off to bed nooow.

Have a great one (:

Stalker v1.5 said...

*blush* Thanks!!! You are just too kind my dear!

Michelle G said...


Thank you very much. :) I'm following this blog now as well as the other.....:)


Cecile said...

Cuz that's the way I rolll.... girl you crack me up!!!! Some very interesting things about you!!! =) Congrats on the 17th Ann!!! I was happy to make 3 this year!
You deserve the award... you brighten up the blog world!!!
And hey... I gotta give a shout because we live in the same state!!
I hope you have a great evening!

Smokinhotbooks said...

*sequel* I'm so excited you nominated me.

Srly though, you have been to the equator? That is so kewl. Do you mind sharing John Matthew as a boyfriend...mabye we can work out a time share situation *wink*

Patti said...

Michelle - you're welcome! I <3 your blog!

Cecile - Thanks!!

Smokinhotbooks - You're welcome - and we'll talk later about that time share situation!!

Julie at Outlandish Dreaming said...

Patti! Thanks so much for thinking of me *blows a kiss* Mmmwah!


Anonymous said...

Ya see?!?!? I've been telling you all along how good your blog is! Vindication is sa-WEET!!

w/v is "ficri"... hmmm... I believe ficri is the proper term used to describe the ornamental use of bellybutton lint.

VampFanGirl said...

(((GIANT HUGS))) Thank you Patti!!!

I don't think I've been to this blog of yours. Sorry about that. It's very pretty though. I'm off to investigate.

Thank you again, girl, and congrats on receiving your awards too!

(((hugs))) VFG

Mandi said...

Thank you soooo much!!! You blog is so much fun:)

Amanda said...

Returning Blogging lurve over from SITS...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Cadbury Creame Eggs...