Monday, August 17, 2009

This post is not about tropical storms, hurricanes, or evacuation.

Yes, yes, I know there are a couple of areas of low pressure and maybe a tropical storm or two, but I'm not going there. You know the best way to handle it when it's that far out and there's nothing you can do for at least a week? Talk about something else. Anything else. It's way to early to be panicking. You people who do that are like the people who find out someone is pregnant and tell them every pregnancy horror story you ever heard. I hate you.

Hmmm... I can't think of a segue, so I'm just gonna dive right in: BB doesn't start school until tomorrow, but Ian started last week, so today was my day to take off and hang out. My original plan was to drop off Ian and Molly and come home and go back to bed. I stayed up late last night reading because I figured, what the hell, right? What actually happened was this:

Up at 6:30, get the kids ready and take Ian to Mom/Dad for ride to school. Take Molly to babysitter. Come home and wash new school uniforms so they're not all crinkly. Vacuum, sweep, and dust. Finish the 2nd book in a trilogy I'm reading. Paint toenails "ho red", color hair and give myself mini-facial. Get a break tag, take BB for her back-to-school haircut (it's cute!), go to Target and buy bookshelves. Go to library and get BB a library card; we both checked out some books. Come home and set up bookshelves, move around furniture to make room for bookshelves. Help BB get her school supplies together for tomorrow.

I love days like today!!!


Anonymous said...

ok, but Nash is going to be interview by WWLTV tonight...
i mean, ya can't miss that. :p

(maybe he'll pull out his chalkboard)

Stalker v1.5 said...

DUDE - that's awesome!! You got more accomplished in one day than I have in the year 2009. Kudos!

Nails and a facial?? BITCH ....

Patti said...

Alright, Termite, I can't say anything bad about Nash...they gotta pull him out and dust him off at least once every hurricane season!

Don't be hatin' Stalker!!! Well, okay, just a little ;)

Cecile said...

Oh you two are something else... you are right... Gotta love Nash!! That is when you know we are hitting our "season"!
Gotta love Mother Nature! She is being good so far... Yea, I know... there are a couple of things on the back burner... but like you said... let's not talk about that!

And girl, Stalker is right... you got a lot done in one day!!!!! Envious just a wee bit!! But I am glad that you had a great day!
My baby girl started school last Wednesday. She is in 10th grade... where the hell does time go!!!!

Anonymous said...

oh patti i could never hate Stalker...
i mean. i need stalkers in my life.

well, i watched Nash tonight. he was so cute sitting in his blanket covered chair. i mean.. come on.

patti, way cool background you have here. i'd steal it if i knew how.


Patti said...

Thanks Cecile, it feels good to get stuff done! My oldest is in 11th grade, my baby is 2 (years, not grade!)

You're right Termite, we all need a bit of Stalker in our lives! Look at the top left hand of my blog and click on the cutest blog on the block logo - it pretty much does itself!

And yes, Nash is so cute!!

MAjor Dad said...

I don't know...stalkers been in my life a looooonnnnngggggg time and I still think she's a pain in my large white butt!!!! (Luv ya sis)

Stalker v1.5 said...

Umm, it's what I do.