Saturday, July 25, 2009

Where Did I Go Wrong?

Overheard while we were watching MamaMia!:
Ian: She's pretty hot.
BB: Ew, she's a mom.
Ian: She's not MY mom....

In the car today:
BB: Ozzy Ozbourne talks funny.
J: That's because he did so many drugs when he was younger he's brain damaged now.
BB: Oh, like a cat?

Later in the evening:
Me: I'm so sick of looking at Angelina Jolie.
(heard as an almost whisper by J: "with her clothes on.")
Me: Ass.


H1 said...

Angelina's alright. She's no Jaime Pressly though.

Hilda said...

Your kids are hilarious! :)

(New to your blog, I'm guessing they ARE your kids)


Patti said...

Thanks! I'm afraid that I do have to claim them as mine - they're pretty cute when they're not driving me up a wall!