Monday, July 27, 2009



BB comes out of her room: "Guess what? I can fart with my back!"

And then proceeds to do it.

What kind of freakshow am I running here?!


Stalker v1.5 said...

Video. Footage. NOW!

The MeXXican said...

Please up her allowance.

The fact that she was recently willing to grab a Sour Patch candy with her toes then stick said candy in her nose before eating it clearly indicates a need.

Doesn't help that her godfather was willing to pay the ten bucks.

Nay---I would have gone to twenty easy. That would have been funny!

Louisiana Rose said...

All I can say is you choose your friends, your relatives you're stuck with (and that includes Godparents!-who become relatives too!)

Cecile said...

OH that is hiliarous!!!! I agree with Stalker... video footage!!!! You know... youtube here you go!!!
Thanks for the laugh!!!
I hope you had a great night and have a wonderful tomorrow!