Monday, May 4, 2009

Luv is in the air

I was thinking today about what an awesome husband I have. He really is a wonderful man. After almost 17 years I'm still in luuuvvvv. He still does things that make my heart flip-flop (I said my heart - get your mind out of the gutter. You know who you are.)

With that in mind, I thought I'd write a list of things I love. I'm not including the obvious - My husband, family, friends, God, my country. This is a totally material list, in no particular order:

My car. It's a 2004 Saturn Vue - blue, 5 speed. It's so much fun to drive, after 5 (or 6?) years I still love it!

My bed. It's a cherry 4-poster canopy bed. Everytime I get into it I sigh with happiness. It's the perfect fairy-tale bed.

Our back yard. When it looks good - like it does now, it's beautiful. Flowers blooming, the fish are in the pond and the garden is well-kept. I love walking past the windows just to catch a glimpse of the yard, and eating outside is like being in a park.

My job. After two years, I still love it. Sometimes I'm bored to tears, sometimes I'm confused as hell, but I love it. Yes, I stress when I'm not billing enough hours, but I'm pretty sure that's normal.

Trips to Houston. I've never had a bad one. It's a quick, short ride with a great payoff - a true mini-vacation. Can't wait for the next one!

My wedding ring. After almost 17 years I still think it's beautiful and love to wear it, not just because I'm married to an awesome husband!

My blue glass collection. Something about looking at the blue glass is soothing.

My vampire books. I know - nerd alert! But they make me happy.

So, that's my short list. If I sat a bit longer I'm sure there would be plenty for me to add, but for now that's what you get. A challenge to my fellow family members - what's on your list?


pops said...

I love:
- Walking in a light rain on a warm day
- The smell of lilacs
- Good BBQ (Shed!!!)
- My kids (and I LIKE them, too!)
- My kids' spouses and significant others (and I like THEM, TOO!)
- Sweet Cream ice cream from Coldstone.
- A nice long ride on the Valkyrie.
- Music
- Hershey's chocolate and 3 Muskateers bars
- that Linda knows me through and through and loves me anyway
- being able to do baptisms and weddings, especially for family
- the sticky, sweet smell that is New Orleans on a summer evening

I could go on, but you get the gist...

Stalker v1.5 said...

- Riding on the bike.

More specifically, when I stretch my legs back and kick my feet up onto the seat behind me, grab the tank with just the tips of my fingers and drop my head back looking straight up into the sky. It feels like I am flying.