Friday, March 13, 2009

I'm the Michael Phelps of tricycle riding*

*said by Ian about his tricycle riding skillz

So we're at dinner tonight talking about various blogs, and Ian mentions that J teases me when I go too long between posts. J says, "I can relate to everything your mom blogs about" so I reply, "Well, in that case, my next post is about menstruation." Then Ian asks "Why do girls tell you when they're on their period?", which leads to a lengthy discussion, and ends with him asking "How long does a period last? a week? 3 days?" To which I answer, "5 days." And Ian says...........wait for it..............."Are you sure?"


Stalker v1.5 said...

You made me spit out my wine! That's awesome.

Is nice that a teenager feels comfortable talking to his Mom about periods. Bold statement is all I'm saying. Well done.

Louisiana Rose said...

A couple of more years and you will be going into the "Maybe Mom does know what she's talking about" stage. Be patient.

Patti said...

Oh. I think I'm in the "My mom is stupid, she's just a mom" stage now.