Thursday, January 29, 2009

What had happened was.......

BB's 1st Reconcilliation is over - next is 1st Communion! And Ian will (hopefully) be Confirmed at the end of the year. Wow, we're gonna be so holy! Let me just say this: The 1st Reconcilliation was very unorganized. You just walked in and sat wherever and then the Priest spoke a bit (he's a good storyteller, I'll give him that!) and then they had 5 Priests to hear confessions. You just got up to go to whomever. It was not what I expected. She did get a nice certificate from the Church, though.

I blogged a while back that Molly likes the Gorillaz song 19-2000. I forgot about it until yesterday, when I was flipping through songs on my Ipod in the car and Molly yelled "turn it back!" Yup, you guessed it, she'd heard the opening bars of the song!

Thanks so much to my husband and SILs for selling Girl Scout Cookies at their places of employment. I'm waiting for her official uniform to arrive in the mail and then we'll hit your homes!

Ok, now it's time for true confessions.....I have become a fan of a certain reading genre, I don't know exactly what you would call it, but I guess it falls under the heading of "Paranormal Romance". (blushes) Yeah, I was never a fan of Romance books - not really my thing, I like a good story with a believable plot. But since I've started reading and dusted off my library card, I've gotten into a few series that I really like, and they all involve vampires, werewolves/shapeshifters, fae, and/or magic. Most of them have some sexy time involved (I will say one series was pretty much just porn with a bit of mystery added in as a last-minute filler, but otherwise they're not as bad as you would think) but I am enjoying the characters and storylines immensely. (The photo above is one of the series I enjoy - and book 4 is coming out next week!!!) So, am I embarassed? Yeah. Do I hide the covers if I'm out in public? Yeah. Am I gonna stop reading them? No.

Maybe I'll take J to check out those "specialty shops" on Bourbon street and see if any of them sell fangs. has potential!


Major Dad said...

For you baby, I'll get a grinder from the garage and take care of that for ya.

Stalker v1.5 said...

Now that's my girl!! Fang fantasy sex ... AWESOME!

And, umm, yeh, I hide my book covers in public too! hehe

Anonymous said...

I want Girl Scout cookies (she says in a whiny voice)!!!...Auntie M

H1 said...

Chartres Street Conexxxion is better than the shops on Bourbon. Just an FYI. It's right off the corner of Charters and Canal.