Thursday, December 11, 2008

Why am I indoors blogging when I should be outside in the snow?

IT'S SNOWING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Like, real, flaky snow!!! Granted, it's melting once it hits the street, but it's not melting on umbrellas or coats - it's so cool (haha, no pun intended)!!! I know, I know, underneath this grown-up exterior is a 7-year-old wanting to run and play in the snow. (9:45 am update: The snow is sticking. From my viewpoint -up high - you can see the snow accumulating on the tops of the buildings, the cars, and the park. News says it's supposed to snow until noon - yay!)

Lots of stuff and nothing at all have been going on since I last blogged. Had a great visit with Aunt S. - went to the craft fair and had a blast! Thanks for my S&WB keyring - I'm already using it!!! H1 and SIL(H) came in for the office holiday party. They were only here one day but it was sooo nice to see them! Can't wait until Christmas to see them again!

BB has been popping out with the funniest things, so I guess I need to keep a notepad handy. All I've got for you is this:

We were driving home when a Nutria ran across the road. Ian made a joke about eating it. BB said it's a living thing, we shouldn't kill and eat it. Ian asked, "Where do you think that chicken you had for dinner came from?" BB's answer: "A pig?"


pops said...

Hmmmmmm. Shouldn't your post title be "Why Am I Indoors Blogging When I Should Be Indoors WORKING?"???????

BB is really funny. I guess that's why they say, "Pork... the OTHER white meat."

Stalker v1.5 said...

Chia is always giving us grief about blogging at work ... umm ... I believe he is the one "surfing" at work. hehe

Enjoy the snow!

pops said...

Oops, BUSTED!!! :-Ь