Monday, September 15, 2008


Before I begin, this is funny (and maybe not okay at work?). I love it at the end of the clip when the announcer says, "they look like they're having fun". hahaha! You could say that.


I was checking out our library website (notice the play on words there - "checking out" the "library" website - get it? huh? do ya?) and I noticed that I had not checked out any books since Katrina. At first I figured it was because our public libraries are still in such a crazy mess since the storm. But then I realized there was another reason - a reason that's going to turn two next week. I've read a few books since Molly was born, but not too many. That's normal for me, I followed the same pattern with the other two kids as well. But now that she's not a baby anymore, I do have the opportunity to read a bit more than I have in the last two years.

So, I just checked out "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button". In the past I would check out the NY Times bestseller lists and request books like that, but our library system is pretty decimated, so I doubt they'll have much in the way of recent bestsellers.

My question to you is: Do you have any reading recommendations?


Aunt Sara said...

If you haven't read any of Diana Galbaldon's outlander series they are a bit long but great reading!
The Outlander is first of the series and has time travel, war, history, intrigue, and romance plus a whole lot more!

Patti said...

Thanks, I will "check that out" hahaha! Seriously, sounds good.