Thursday, September 4, 2008

Change of Plans

Okay, we're not going home today. But we are going home tomorrow (Friday). Maggie (and our current lack of power, food, and places to buy food) convinced me to stay one more day. I hear Chiamomandpop have power, so maybe we'll be evacuating from Maggie's house to Mom's house!!! (hilarity ensues)

I think the kids are ready to go home too. Ian has been sick since we got here. Nothing specific, general stomach issues and just not feeling well. He perked up a bit on Tuesday when we went to Universal Studios, but even by that night was "off" again.

I bought the "Twilight" audiobook (the first one, not all four) for the ride home, so I'm not dreading the drive as much as I would have. I've been saving it - haven't opened the package yet, as much as I want to. I like to think of it as my tool for not killing the kids on the way home.

Wish us luck!!!

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Louisiana Rose said...

Ah, first Hurricane Katrina, then Hurricane Gustav, now ... Hurricane Spinney. We look forward to your arrival!