Monday, June 30, 2008

Post-vacation blues

Well, we've been home a week, but it seems like an eternity! I'm already slowly forgetting how cranky Molly was and how hot it was. I've been looking over the photos, and starting to think about next summer's family reunion.

But then I'm thinking, why wait? We could move to Orlando! Matt H. has a season pass and goes after school sometimes. I'd love to get off work and grab the fam for a few hours at the parks. What fun! But, then reality kicks in and I know it would never work. I can't even get the kids over to Mom's to go swimming after work. Who am I kidding?

So, for now all I can do is wear my souvenir t-shirts and look at our trip photos. BUT, I'm looking forward to our quick trip over to H-town, it's only 4 weeks away!

Which is a good segue into this:

Ian's birthday is July 18...he wants the whole family (Chiamom/pop, KenEllie, H2 and H2GF, and us - sorry Houston Herricks, you can make it up to him the next day!!!) to go to the movies. I don't know which movie yet, but we will pay for the tickets. You're on your own for the popcorn! Then home for (probably) ice-cream cake. (We had a specific request for "not chantilly berry cake".)


Hannah said...

No chantilly berry cake? For shame!

Patti said...

I'd be happy to send one with him when he comes to visit you!!!

Louisiana Rose said...

Send one over here too!!