Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Rose-colored glasses

Well, my optometrist appointment was today. I made this appointment six weeks ago and have been so excited to be getting contacts. I hate not being able to wear sunglasses (especially when driving on a sunny day) because I must wear prescription lenses. So, the optometrist is a really nice guy who asks a bunch of questions, looks at a few things, and then....he holds my glasses up backwards in front of my eye, tells me to look through it, then slowly turns them clockwise...and the picture goes from blurry to clear! Neat trick I say! Except that it's not so neat a trick, it means that I have astigmatism. Not only do I have it, but out of the three types I have the most difficult to correct with contacts. BUT, he's willing to work with me and try a few before he gives up. So, I've got my first pair of lenses in, and they seem to be working great for distance, but my computer screen is blurry, so I don't think these lenses are THE ONE. So, wish me luck - I'm soooo tired of glasses (and whipping {Cool Whip, no it's Cool Wip. That's what I said: Cool Whip. But I digress} them off my face before Molly gets them!) We'll see (pun intended!).

Ian and BB have two more days of school left - can you see what's left of my sanity draining out of my ear? Continued prayers for Ian's grades please. He's been studying so hard, I'd hate to see it not show.

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Hannah said...

I can't wait to see you without glasses!!

And no matter what some institution labels Ian, have no doubt you got the brightest kids on the block ma'am.