Monday, May 26, 2008

Just another typical H-Clan Family Dinner... started out as a nice family dinner. J decided spur-of-the-moment to make Mexican, so we invited the NO branch of the H-Clan.

Actually, let me start Saturday night. KenEllie were over, and they were talking about some problems they were having with their windows that needed caulking. So Ellie is going on about needing to caulk this and that, and Ian is laughing so hard he's almost soiling the carpet - he thinks she's saying "cock", not "caulk". (Oh, God, he's gonna be a teenager for how much longer?) Well, then he's talking about getting "Johnson" to "cock" it for them. Because we all know what a "Johnson" is, right? Then BB gets in on the act. She's just laughing b/c Ian is laughing. And saying "Johnson" over and over. Shit. So I explain to her some people say "Johnson" as another word for penis. Ew - she's over it.

Fast-forward back to Sunday dinner. Without giving you a play-by-play (it was a long dinner filled with plenty of laughs), here were some of the highlights. Those of you who are easily offended may want to skip this part..... Okay, let's see...we talked about our upcoming Disney trip. Apparently we missed Gay Days by one week. When I mentioned that Pirates of the Caribbean is closed while we're there, inevitably a "butt-Pirates of the Caribbean" joke finds it's way to the table. Straight down "gutter lane" we went. We talked about H1's junk....yes, you read that right. Specifically, it was mentioned that Ian once had H1's junk in his mouth. (I'm sure he'll never forget that day - ouch!). Apparently there was a story about H1's junk told loudly and drunkenly on Chiafamily's front porch one night in the past? Somehow that moved into "H1 and the Sorcer's Stones", "H1 and his Giant Serpent (wink, nod)", "H1 and the Prisoner of Ass-Caban". I think you get the gist. (See, Houston H-Clan, we missed you!!!!) And of course the whole dinner was peppered with "Johnson" and "caulk" references.

And then, of course, there was this. You're all getting them for Christmas, I'll let you pick the disease. And I want this for Christmas - write it down.

The food was good, the company was great, and I think everyone had a great time. I'm looking forward to a repeat tonight at Chia's house for BBQ and swimming.

Please say a prayer (or ten) for Ian, his exams are this week and he needs to do well.

Oh yeah, 18 days until vacation, beyotches!!!!!


Hannah said...

Okay, I gotta know, why is Herpes so damned happy?

And it is okay that you discussed my man's junk during dinner, it is some pretty amazing junk indeed!

H1 said...

I'm glad I could be there, at least in conversation. Ha ha Ha.